Valuation Advisory

Valuation is a formalized process to determine the value of a business or the value of assets, liabilities, or components of equity at any given point in time. Oracle Capital’s Valuation Advisory services include:

• Determining the total consideration of an acquisition, a disposition, or an offer
• Preparing pre-acquisition accretion/dilution analyses
• Supporting fairness and solvency opinions
• Determining international and reporting unit allocation for tax basis and financial reporting
• Allocating a purchase price to the various tangible and intangible assets and liabilities of the business
• Valuing intellectual property such as patents, technology, trade names, copyrights and contracts for sale or joint venture or partnership contribution
• Planning for capital infusion
• Determining value in minority shareholder stock repurchases

Recognition of Income and Expenses:
• Determining revenue recognition
• Determining employee and contractor related compensation, such as stock options or hurdle shares
• Determining whether impairment exists within goodwill or intangible assets
• Determining the amortization of acquired intangible assets
• Determining the depreciation of acquired tangible assets
• Gifting ownership in a business for succession or estate tax planning

Other Purposes:
• Calculating financial damages
• Structuring buy-sell agreements

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